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The modern Dj of today requires the use of the latest technologies available. But many times we run into technical issues which can get in the way of our performances. It's often confusing navigating the different systems involved and it can be a full time commitment to be setup for success even, when you're away from the Dj booth.

Are you in need of Dj related IT help? Look no further! Not only am I a Dj but I'm also a trained IT professional with years of experience in the field. Let me take the stress of dealing with your laptop and ensure you're setup to play a great show every time, all the time.

I offer many IT related work including:

- Laptop/Computer Hardware Upgrades

- Laptop/Computer Troubleshooting

- Laptop/Computer Software Upgrades

- Dj Hardware Firmware upgrades

- Data Storage backup

- Data storage recovery (per case basis)

For shop rates and other IT services not listed please don't hesitate to inquire!

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